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Good morning, I hope you are well, I have a problem with some PCs, it is a network that uses fixed IP, when performing the scheduled restart or by the user, these sometimes remain with an unidentified network, but when turning off the card network or removing the network cable and reconnecting this fixes it. It should be noted that the drivers are up to date, there is no duplication of IP and no problems are observed in the switches.

Added to this, other computers are left with an unidentified network, and when performing Ipconfig -all it says that the IP is duplicated, but when pinging that IP does not respond, the mac is also tracked on the switches and cores, validating that no other computer has that IP, the same maneuver is performed. Turn off the network card or remove the network cable and reconnect and everything is fine.

this problem happens even in my house with my own internet and the pc is not from the company.

Please if someone has a solution I would appreciate it, applied all the ones I read in the forums and it still doesn't work. there are approximately 3600 computers and this happens randomly, the restart happens to them, but it still links. they are all Windows 10 Pro. Various Brands, lenovo, HP, Dell, all the changes made were with the administrator but still no luck.


  • Update driver
  • Automate services
  • "Troubleshooting" option does not work Windows Connection Manager (Wcmsvc)
  • NetBIOS Helper Application over TCP/IP (Imhosts)
  • DHCP client (Dhcp)
  • DNS client (Dnscache)
  • Automatic configuration of wired networks (dot3svc)
  • WLAN auto configuration (WlanSvc)
  • SSDP Detection (SSDPSRV)
  • UPnP host device (upnphost)
  • Function Discovery Resource Publication (FDResPub)
  • Firewall Disabled
  • Windows Defender
  • Restore Previous Dates
  • Commands by CMD
      netsh winsock reset  

reset ip int netsh

ipconfig /release


ipconfig /flushdns

netsh int tcp set global autotuning level = disabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuning level = disabled

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

  • antivirus
  • Upload a new clean Image because it still happens.
  • Nor the Advanced tab. In the Settings box, check the Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 boxes
Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
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Windows 10 Setup
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    When NLA starts to detect the network location, the machine will contact a domain controller via port 389. If this detection is successful, it will get the domain firewall profile (allowing for correct ports) and we cannot change the network location profile.
    If the domain was not found or process failed, NLA will let you to determine which firewall profile will be used, private or public.

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