Microsoft C++ Build Tools (MSVC) as Nuget Package


I need to deliver special compiler/build tools version without forcing the user to install it manually.
It has to do with the CUDA toolkit which requires MSVC and is mostly tightly bound to a Visual Studio version.
Since CUDA and Visual Studio do not evolve at the same time we always have conflicts upgrading visual studio
because we have to check in detail if the CUDA toolkit still works with the VS version.

For that reason we installed the build tools, but it is pretty hard to find the installation path. Also in build environments
where there is not Visual Studio installed it is important to deliver all prerequisites by the solution/project.

We have managed to deliver everything a nuget package (also the CUDA toolkit), but failed to deliver the MSVC because other than the CUDA toolkit,
the MSVC cannot be simply copied from the installation path but has obviously several dependencies we don't know.

Has anyone ever tried to isolate MSVC and its components or even tried to make it a nuget package?

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  1. 2022-08-19T06:23:31.17+00:00

    @Anna Xiu-MSFT : Somehow yes, I need the MSVC build environment without installation. The last time I tried was that it is not possible to simply copy it from the installation path as given by you and move it to another location. Should it work without installation? I can try again and come back.