Private Endpoint Network Policy usage

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I am hoping someone can clarify the use of Private Endpoints with Private Endpoint Network Policy. The documentation on this feature is incredibly lacking.

I have tested in my lab and cannot seem to get it working.

If I have a private endpoint in my subnet for my Storage Account. I can set an NSG rule to block access to the Private Endpoint IP. This works regardless of whether the PE Network Policy is enabled or not.

It's stated that by standard, NSG rules won't apply to Private Endpoint resources.

It's incredibly unclear how you control access to Private Endpoint resources using NSGs/ASGs. If I can set explicit rules for the PE IPs and these work why do I need PE Network Policy?

I tried using an Application Group to control the access but this doesn't work whether PE Network Policy is enabled or not.

Priority: 120
Name: Deny-PE
Source Port: Any
Source Protocol: Any
Source Address: (the subnet with the PE in)
Destination: PrivateEndpoints (application security group containing the PE)
Direction: Outbound
Type: Deny

This rule does absolutely nothing

Is there any clear advice on how to correctly configure access to Private Endpoints with NSG, or ASG?


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    By default, network policies are disabled for a subnet in a virtual network. To utilize network policies like UDR and NSG support, network policy support must be enabled for the subnet. This setting is only applicable to private endpoints within the subnet. This setting affects all private endpoints within the subnet. For other resources in the subnet, access is controlled based on security rules in the network security group.

    To enable follow this doc:

    Only when you enable the Network Policy for PE, the NSG and UDR will work against PE.

    Karthik Srinivas