Bulletins Tab in Teams looks like the Manage Bulletins Tab

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I installed the Bulletins app to a Teams channel I am the owner of, and it added 2 tabs. At first, the Bulletins tab looked like what a member would see (it came pre-populated with example Contoso items). I went to the Manage bulletins tab, and it has a management view where you can edit, delete, and publish bulletins. Now, every time I go back to the Bulletins tab, it loads the Manage bulletins view. In both tabs. I can't get it to show me the regular Bulletins tab view any more. I have closed and re-opened Teams, as well as rebooted my machine.

The link below shows another user on the Microsoft forums with this same issue. Please advise if this is a bug.


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  1. Naomi Bailey (RLY) NSCHT 1 Reputation point

    Can I report that we have also seen this issue from today at NSCHT. We have been using Bulletins for months with no issues, but the view changed yesterday.

    We d appreciate being kept up to date with developments.

    Thank you

  2. Naomi Bailey (RLY) NSCHT 1 Reputation point

    Good afternoon

    Could I ask for an update on this issue please which is still present in our MS Teams Bulletins? I believe it is not working correctly for our Trust and this is important and it notifies staff about new developments within our patient record system.

    Thank you

  3. Naomi Bailey (RLY) NSCHT 1 Reputation point

    @Sayali-MSFT Please could you advise how I can escalate this issue? I believe it is preventing users in our NHS Trust from seeing important notifications regarding updates in the patient record system and other Digital Solutions. I have been troubleshooting with staff and now believe that the view is different to 'all' users - appearing that they can in fact Manage Bulletins and create their own as those with Admin right so. In addition to this all users are needing to bypass a notification pop up asking them to 'allow' MS Streams...... I would appreciate some urgent attention to be paid to this and update thereafter.

  4. Naomi Bailey (RLY) NSCHT 1 Reputation point

    Good afternoon

    Please be advised that our IT supplier resolved this by showing me how to create a new Bulletin list as a copy of the old one and then deleted the corrupt od one.

    Can you advise what this issue was please?

    Thank you