How do you get a recovery key to unock the bitlocker lock up of your laptop when the Microsoft support page you are directed to says: We have nothing for you?

Alexander Zuniga 26 Reputation points

I can hardly believe how incompetent Microsoft has been on this issue.

All I did was re-boot my Dell Laptop G77500, a great laptop, after summer vacation. This triggered an Automatic Microsoft Windows Update. This cause a blue screen to appear which tells you that you need a recovery key to unlock the bitlocker program which locks up you laptop so that nothing on your laptop is accessible.

It is like Microsoft is ransomwaring your laptop and everything on it, except there is no amount of money you can pay them to allow you access to the contents on your laptop.

Their Support Desk is worthless.

They say to talk to Dell or whichever laptop company's laptop on which you have installed their inanae Windows Microsoft software.

The Microsoft Support Desk says: Oh golly, Microsoft Windows update has a bug. And even if you never authororized encryption or bitl locker on you laptop, the authomatic Microsoft Windows update, installs this program on your laptop and locks it up so that you can not access any of the files on your laptop.

What absolute idiots these are at Microsoft.

When you ask for help, they say golly, we can't do anything to help you. You did not save the recovery key before we automatically installed a bit locker encryption program on your laptop when our Automatic Microsoft Windows update, "updated" /destroyed your laptop when you re-booted.

Well, duh. I did not save the recovery key for an encryption program I never asked for, never authoized on my laptop.

If some trojan program in a "Microsoft Windows Automatic Update" locks up your laptop so that you cannot use it and cannot access the files what are you supposed to do.

The brilliant engineers at the Microsoft Support desk say to wipe the laptop and start over.

I have four or five years of work on my laptop I can no longer access.

I know everyone makes mistakes.

But seriously.

What's next.

Will the laptop blow itself up and kill me, and then the Microsoft engineers will say, your ghost should just pick up the pieces and start over.

What a bunch of idiots.

If anyone knows a work around for this unauthorized, bit locker automatic lock up with no recovery key apparent, please respond below.

In the mean time.

Hey Microsoft, thanks for less than nothing.

Thanks for wrecking my laptop and not bothering to fix your bug or otherwise repair the damage you caused in any meaningful way.

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Windows 10 Security
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  1. Dave Patrick 426K Reputation points MVP

    Check here in case its backed up on a microsoft account.

    Most likely this one caused it.

    If you don't have the recovery key then you'll need to factory reset it or otherwise clean install it.

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  1. Alexander Zuniga 26 Reputation points

    Factory reset.

    Really great idea.

    I have now lost about five years of work I need to incorporate in future work and hundreds of hours of downloads I now have to re-install.

    Yet another brilliant solution from Microsoft.

    This company is going to self destruct if it keeps coming up with such brilliant solutions to the problems it creates in people's laptops.

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  2. danmarnic 16 Reputation points

    Hi I have same problem with bitlocker key request after update.

    After days playing with with different settings i manage to login without that key and without loosing data.

    My solution for envy x360 :

    stage 1 In bios : boot options, change secure boot to disable . save and exit bios

    stage 2 In bios : boot options, change secure boot to enabled , clear all secure boot keys, load hp factory default keys . save and exit .

    Start windows and wait bitlocker key request should not show any more.

    log in with your credential disable bitlocker or save key on pen drive (not on hdd/sdd ).

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