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I setup a table with an auto-generated ID field quite a while ago, but have forgotten how I did it. I've tried replicating the ID column into a different table I've just created, but all I'm getting is null results.

Can anyone help from the provided screenshots below? What (probably very basic function) am I doing wrong?

SQL Query to populate table WITH ID generated

SELECT result from table WITH ID generated:

SQL Query to populate table WITHOUT ID generated

SELECT result from table WITHOUT ID generated:

Properties for both ID fields

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Accepted answer
  1. Viorel 112.1K Reputation points

    Try opening the Design of BREquipmentList table. Select the ID column, go to "Default Value or Binding" property, and enter newid().

    You can also execute a statement like this:

    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[BREquipmentList] ADD CONSTRAINT [DF_BREquipmentList_ID] DEFAULT (newid()) FOR [ID]

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