Can Hyper-v use wifi?

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First, I will state I am moderately familiar with Hyper-v and a newbie to linux. I have installed the CentOS KDM Plasma with a ton of the available bells and whistles so-to-speak. I want to be able to work remotely on a WiFi connection (home for the most part) so I followed the instructions from this old posting on SuperUser:

I think my problem is that the Hypervisor isn't working with the WiFi but I don't know if it is that it cannot use WiFi or if I don't have it configured correctly. I am going to post on here and find a CentOS forum also. I would also appreciate it if anyone could point me in the directions of some good reading material on CentOS 7 KDM Plasma to help me get comfortable with it and find things on it. I was on a different version when I went to school but I wanted to find a more recent/current distro and found the 7.

If it can use WiFi can someone please explain how? I have been scouring the net to find forums and I am only coming up with posts that are years old, and I mean dating back to approximately 2015 +/- a few years. I have also purchased a few really goodHyper-v books but none of them even mention WiFi.

I am really stumped and need to figure out if I have to switch to another platform like Virtualbox. I feel like I might be doing the "square peg round hole" routine. If screenshots of my adaptors are needed I can provide them.

Thank you all in advance for your help; it is truly appreciated.


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    or if I don't have it configured correctly.

    You didn't mention the problems but the default switch should have worked out of the box for the virtual machines.

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