OPTION_LOG_TRACE is not working on the Azure Sphere

Dmytro Seliverstov 41 Reputation points


I'm trying to debug the device connection to the IoTHub.
Found an OPTION_LOG_TRACE in iothub_client_options.h that I'm passing to IoTHubDeviceClient_LL_SetOption and Prov_Device_LL_SetOption right after handles creation. But I don't see any new logs after enabling those options. Is there any additional code or options need to be set for the project, to see the connection log trace?

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Azure Sphere
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  1. Alistair Lowe 191 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Dmytro Seliverstov ,

    Unfortunately, to reduce resource usage and ensure long-lasting API/ABI compliance, the IoT Hub C SDK embedded within the Azure Sphere OS is compiled with the flag NO_LOGGING set.
    You will be able to see from mqtt_client_set_trace in mqtt_client.c (which is called as part of OPTION_LOG_TRACE) that this functionality is disabled when NO_LOGGING is set.

    Many thanks

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