Windows Certification Kit tests failed unreasonably (may be related to app verifier) on my local machine.

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I have been trying to figure out what was wrong with one of my UWP apps that could not pass the certification kit tests, but that could be launched all right, for days, until today I created a blank UWP app (C++/WinRT) and ran the tests of the certification kit with the exact same results:

So I think that something is wrong with my develop machine. I recall that I clean reinstalled Windows on 8/12 and the problem has been occurring since then.

Further investigation showed that, it's always exactly the same error that kept occurring, which can be reproduced by debugging the app under the app verifier (checking the compatibility tests) coming with the Windows SDK. (It is found this way because in the dump file produced by the certification kit, the verifier's dlls were loaded)

My OS information:

The blank app build specification

My visual studio version:

I also posted a question about this on Stack Overflow

I appreciate your time and efforts in advance.

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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    The local WACK test is optional. The local WACK tool will be affected by many reasons of the local device.. No matter the local WACK test failed or not, there will still be a online WACK test for your package. The store will only take the result of the online WACK test as standard. So the local WACK test failed is not a problem, but the online WACK test failed will be a real problem.

    For secnarios like this, please try to upload the package to the Store to check the online WACK test and take that result as standard.

    Just talk from the UWP side, there used to be many similar issues reported before. The local WACK test failed but the online WACK test succeed. So you are not the only one who meets this scenario.

    Thank you.

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