Check Printing with MICR E13-B Font

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I have spent hours searching for technical info on this subject, but have come up empty. Like most, I build reports (.NET Winforms app) using a reporting engine like Crystal Reports, DevExpress (my choice), etc. When a special font is needed, just install it on the machine and set the appropriate display control to use it. I would think this would be the same for MICR. However, the printer vendor ( keeps mentioning including PCL commands and can provide no further info.
Does anyone have any experience printing 'reports' using MICR font? Is it necessary to use PCL commands?
Do I need to scrap using a reporting engine and build something using PCL?

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  1. afu 6 Reputation points

    If PCL driver is used, it is common to set font download in driver properties
    If you have a Canon printer or copier you can use the UFRII driver, regardless of fonts
    Non-native English language, use google translate to answer you.

  2. AlphonseG 191 Reputation points

    For anyone else that might run into this, here is the solution.
    I downloaded a free MICR E13-B font, used it in the appropriate places on a standard report (I use Devexpress).
    Client installed a toner cartridge with magnetic ink in a standard laser printer.
    The bank approved the results and it has been in production use for over a month.

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