Unable to publish my bot built with Bot Framework Composer

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I'm using the Bot Framework Composer to build my first chatbot.

I've been able to build on the Composer and test on Emulator. But I could not find a way to publish it.

According to the guidance on how-to-publish-bot, I'm getting stuck on the 3rd step of creating resources. The error I got is shown in the image below.


Please help or give suggestions. Thank you!


To be more specific, I'm trying to publish the bot to Azure Web App

The command I use is as below:

node provisionComposer.js --subscriptionId=<YOUR AZURE SUBSCRIPTION ID> --name=<NAME OF YOUR RESOURCE GROUP> --appPassword=<APP PASSWORD> --environment=<NAME FOR ENVIRONMENT DEFAULT to dev>

The name I've tried both my current resource group name. as well as a new resource group that I create separately. Both will lead to the same error.

The environment here is set as dev by default.

The appPassword is a series of characters I created by my own following the password regulations.

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