User-Assigned Managed Identity for Function App to access its own (hosting) storage

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I have created a User-Assigned Managed Identity that I have assigned to a Function App. I want to replace the Access Key connection string with the User-Assigned Managed Identity for the Function App to connects to its own stage, i.e., the hosting storage for the Function App. I have given the Storage Account Contributor, Storage Blob Data Owner, Storage Queue Data Contributor and Storage Table Data Contributor roles to the User-Assigned Managed Identity. What needs to be done to replace to storage account Access Key connection string with User-Assigned Managed Identity? I have tried to renaming the configuration AzureWebJobsStorage to AzureWebJobsStorage__accountName and replacing the Access Key connection string with the storge account name, as described in this tutorial:, however this does not seem to work. I’m unable to reach the function app and get the following error in the logs: "statusCode":400,"message":"Unable to load requested managed identity.

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