Visual Studio Mac 2022 Preview 17.4 Requires Adding System.IO Where Other Computers Don't

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I have a project that other devs have been working on. They are using a variety of Windows and Mac computers with Visual Studio 2022.

This is a Xamarin Forms project.

When I try to build I get errors like Stream not being defined. When I click on the quick actions it has an option to add "using System.IO" to the top of the file. When I do this the errors go away.

This same exactly project builds just fine on all of the other computers without having to add that file. One of them is Windows running the latest release of Visual Studio 2022 for Windows and another one is a Mac running Visual Studio for Mac 2022 17.3 release version.

I am using Visual Studio 2022 for Mac preview 17.4. I can't image how this would make a difference, but that seems to be the only difference.

I supposed it could also be some version of some .NET library or SDK?

Does anyone know what is going on or where I should look next?

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