Replace function in Azure Resource Graph Explorer

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I need some help on a query I am building

| where type == ""
| extend keysource = tostring(properties.encryption.keySource)
| extend keysource1 = replace(keysource, 'Microsoft.Keyvault' , 'EncryptionAtRestWithCustomerKey')
| project keysource1

The query fails with an unexpected error

An unexpected query execution error occurred. Please try again later. (Code:UnexpectedQueryExecutionError)

The documentation for Azure Resource Graph Explorer does not mention the replace function as supported, but in the query builder it seems that it is supported.

This is what I get if I just write the word replace

The function 'replace' requires an argument list.
(function) replace(regex, rewrite, text): string

The function 'replace' requires an argument list.

So it seems to be supported but I cannot understand why it fails.

My goal is to get the properties.encryption.keySource output and if the says Microsoft.Keyvault to replace it with the EncryptionAtRestWithCustomerKey string.

Any ideas before I go to MS support?

Thanks in advance


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