There was an error sending this message to your bot: HTTP status code NotFound

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Hello, I've been trying to deploy a bot using the javascript bot sdk. I followed this tutorial to create a basic echo bot. I was able to get the bot to work properly on the bot framework emulator by using npm start. I have followed this tutorial to deploy the bot. When I try to test the bot in web chat I don't get any responses. In the channels tab of my bot on the azure portal It's showing the error "There was an error sending this message to your bot: HTTP status code NotFound" for every time I try to use web chat. I'm not sure whaT the issue is, perhaps it's because I chose a multitenant app, or maybe I didn't create the .zip file correctly? I have some pictures for more info and will be happy to give more info to clarify what I have so far. Thanks!234585-screen-shot-2022-08-24-at-14347-pm.png234604-screen-shot-2022-08-24-at-14405-pm.png234586-screen-shot-2022-08-24-at-14422-pm.png

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Microsoft Teams Development
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  1. Sayali-MSFT 2,266 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor
    1. First of all make sure you have configured the messaging endpoint as an https URL as it does not supports http.
    2. Check Your Messaging endpoint that you specified and make sure it is same as your using in the bot emulator. See the screen shot.
      enter image description here
    3. On your bot azure portal go to Channel menu and make sure there is no issues. see the screen shot below:
      enter image description here
    4. Azure portal Configuration under App Service Settings there will be MicrosoftAppId and MicrosoftAppPassword do not change these after downloading it. See the below image.


    Note: I also suggest you to create a new project on portal and test it on there whether it is working exactly then download it for your enhancement. you could refer here. For remote debug please take a look here. To publish your local project you could refer this

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  2. Kseniia Palin 5 Reputation points

    Hello, I have the same issue: There was an error sending this message to your bot: HTTP status code NotFound

    I have followed the latest tutorials for deploying IaC for the echo-bot examples ( The bot works locally with Bot Framework Emulator, however, nothing happens in the Web Chat.

    Please provide the debugging instructions.

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  3. Ruby Domanico 0 Reputation points

    Hello, I've deployed a web app bot (and service plan and app service) via terraform. I've configured the messaging endpoint correctly and configured the app id and password (in terraform) so that they show like in the picture above.

    When I go and test the bot in chat I get the same error above.

    Looking at tutorials online where the bot is created via the UI, the chat works perfectly, so I am struggling to understand what else I need to configure in order for my chat to work.

    Apologies but I'm new to infrastructure as code, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  4. Sarit Bahuguna 0 Reputation points

    Hi Team ,

    I am getting error When I test web App. Test connection successfully and got a token as well.

    Client Id : 0ae04927-eefc-4de3-953e-aad430c3acd7

    Tenant ID : 09dd3d13-8242-4e8d-98fa-c0f710ff97a5

    There was an error sending this message to your bot: HTTP status code Unauthorized.

      "error": {
        "code": "BotError",
        "message": "Failed to send activity: bot returned an error"
      "httpStatusCode": 401
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