Not able to delete VM Scale Set

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We need to delete a VM scale set but it failed to delete and is now in a "Marked for deletion" state. Here's the error.

Remove-AzVmss : Long running operation failed with status 'Failed'. Additional Info:'An unexpected error occurred while processing disk. Please retry later.'
ErrorCode: InternalDiskManagementError/StorageAccountNotFound
ErrorMessage: An unexpected error occurred while processing disk. Please retry later.
StartTime: 8/24/2022 11:16:02 AM
EndTime: 8/24/2022 11:16:51 AM
OperationID: b05a3fa0-437f-4d70-9d15-dfe7081df907
Status: Failed
At line:6 char:1

  • Remove-AzVmss -ResourceGroupName 'RG...6W' -VMScaleS ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • CategoryInfo : CloseError: (:) [Remove-AzVmss], ComputeCloudException
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Compute.Automation.RemoveAzureRmVmss

Is there any way to delete this scale set? It says to wait longer, but for how long do I have to wait?


Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
Azure compute resources that are used to create and manage groups of heterogeneous load-balanced virtual machines.
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  1. Manu Philip 14,366 Reputation points MVP

    This issue usually happens when, the resource removal is not followed as per Microsoft recommendation.

    You can try a force Update the resources reported through portal. If the resource is stuck in a deletion, or updating state the following operation helps to resolve the issue in most of the cases I see
    Visit, and find the storage account and vmss : Subscription Name > resourceGroups > ResourceGroup Name > providers > Microsoft.Storage > StorageAccounts > StorageAccountName. Similarly find the VMSS resources also.

    you may find it as shown below:

    Click Edit and then click PUT to forcefully update. Try a deletion after the above steps and see if it helps !


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  2. Dan Hoenig 6 Reputation points

    I ended up contacting Microsoft Support for this issue. They had me try several powershell scripts, but nothing worked so they had to escalate the issue. they made a change (not sure exactly what that was) and I was able to delete the VMSS.

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