Maximum subscription limitation for Teams presence resource: /communications/presences/{id} from MS Graph API

Sushma Patlolla (supatlol) 1 Reputation point

We are trying to create webhook subscriptions to the resource /communications/presences/{id} , to get presence change notifications for all users in an org.

The request body we are using to create a subscription:


// Create the subscription  
const subscription = await client.api('/subscriptions').create({  
  changeType: 'updated',  
  notificationUrl: `${notificationHost}/listen`,  
  resource: '/communications/presences/0c2ffe06-6683-40a4-b46b-adbxxxxx',  
  clientState: process.env.SUBSCRIPTION_CLIENT_STATE,  
  includeResourceData: true,  
  encryptionCertificate: certHelper.getSerializedCertificate(  
  encryptionCertificateId: process.env.CERTIFICATE_ID,  
  expirationDateTime: new Date( + 3600000).toISOString(),  


We were looking into the maximum subscription quotas for Teams based resources here: , but it does not mention the limit for the Teams presence resource: /communications/presences/{id} .

Is there is a limit on number of webhook subscriptions we can create for Teams Presence resource, what is it if applicable?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. ShivaniRai-MSFT 2,726 Reputation points

    Hi @SushmaPatlollasupatlol-2963 ,

    As per this Microsoft Documentation, we can subscribe to a maximum number of 650 users by using /communications/presences?$filter=id in ({id},{id}...). The {id} represents a user ID GUID. However could not find any documentation on limit on number of webhook subscriptions for Teams Presence resource.

    Please check similar post:

    If you want you can create a User Voice for the same to add subscription limitation in the documentation.

    Hope this helps.

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