C# How to convert a datarow["columnname"] of DataTable to List<string> which the datatype of the column is List<string> ?

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I have a DataTable with a column as green_dt.Columns.Add("overviews_list", typeof(List<string>));

foreach (DataRow dr in green_dt.Rows)  
                            if (dr["overviews_list"] != DBNull.Value)  
                                foreach (string family_overview in dr["overviews_list"]  * here is the problem)  

in the above code, * is problem.
The datatype of the column is LIst<string> but no relative methods are shown by Visual Studio like ToString() and so on. And Convert. Method also shows Int32, Int64 and so on but not ToList();

I've also failed to find some solution on internet.

This seems not pretty difficult but lost with busy real life...

Thank you !

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    Try this fix:

    foreach( string family_overview in (List<string>)dr["overviews_list"] )  
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