Networking settings for Azure Storage account with Dataverse Synapse Link

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Hi, first time posting a question here.

I've tried google of course for a clear and uniform answer, but didn't manage to find one, so thought, lets give this forum a go.

So the following is the situation. I've set up a Dataverse Synapse Link from D365 CE to a Datalake Gen2 storage account for a client (No synapse workspace). The networking settings are currently open, however, the client would obviously prefer it if the public networking access setting would be swapped to the 'Enabled from selected virtual networks and IP addresses' option, with the option of 'Allow Azure services on the trusted services list to access this storage account. ' enabled. Setting up the Synapse Link has created an App registration, 'Export to Data Lake', and assigned it to a couple of different Roles in the Access Control list. My question is, will swapping to this networking setting, stop the Synapse Link from working, or will it keep functioning as it should.

Kind regards

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  1. AaronHughes 391 Reputation points

    Right so update - I have a pending Bug to fix this issue

    Currently there is an active bug against the Synapse Link process with ADLSgen2 FW Trusted Services

    The Synapse Link service is supposed to be a trusted Azure service so that when a vnet is stood up against adlsgen2 that you are able to maintain the link as per a public adls. However due to the missing service from the trusted list this is not the case currently.

    I haven't got a fix date for this but I m told it is a global bug and should be reflected soon due to number of customers it effects. I will update when i get more details back from MS support team on ADLS.

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  2. Vidya Narasimhan 2,201 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Arnoud Wigherink as per this doc -
    Currently, you can't provide public IPs for the Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse service that can be used in Azure Data Lake firewall settings. Public IP network rules have no effect on requests originating from the same Azure region as the storage account. Services deployed in the same region as the storage account use private Azure IP addresses for communication. Thus, you can't restrict access to specific Azure services based