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Hi everyone,

I have a minifilter kernel driver that needs to retrieve all '.exe' files being loaded by the OS. I can do that so far, however, I can only intercept the filenames when my userland service is running and connected to the driver (Communication Port).

This means: I am missing all executable names that were launched from boot time until before my own service is run, and these are the ones I would like to intercept as well.
My driver is set to 0x00000001 SERVICE_SYSTEM_START

My idea is to:

  • Put all services names (services launched before mine) in a buffer at a kernel level
  • When my service connects to my driver, then I can stop adding to the buffer and send all the data to my service for processing.

After further research, I read about several things: ExAllocatePoolMemory, Lookaside lists, not possible to use STL's vectors, not possible to use 'new'....
I just need to store these filenames in an array of WCHAR.

I would greatly appreciate some help on that! Thank you.

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