Azure BLOB storage for SharePoint online

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I would like to use Azure BLOB storage for my SharePoint online. Is it possible to use BLOB storage space to store SharePoint online documents?
How can I do that?

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  1. Xuyan Ding - MSFT 7,561 Reputation points

    Hi @Daniel Maier

    1.We can copy documents from SharePoint Online to Azure Blob Storage using Power Automate. There is a template in Power Automate called "Copy files from a SharePoint folder to a AzureBlob folder", which can copy from a shared folder in SharePoint Online to Azure storage by executing a simple flow.

    2.This PowerShell script shows how to download and sync documents in a SharePoint Document Library into an Azure Storage Container using CLI for Microsoft 365 and Azure CLI commands.

     $spolHostName = ""  
     $spolSiteRelativeUrl = "/sites/site-name"  
     $spolDocLibTitle = "document-library-title"  
     $azStorageAccountKey = "*****************"  
     $azStorageAccountName = "azure-storage-account-name"  
     $azStorageContainerName = "azure-storage-container-name"  
     $localBaseFolderName = "local-base-folder-name"  
     $localFileDownloadFolderPath = $PSScriptRoot  
     $spolSiteUrl = $spolHostName + $spolSiteRelativeUrl  
     $spolLibItems = m365 spo listitem list --webUrl $spolSiteUrl --title   
     $spolDocLibTitle --fields 'FileRef,FileLeafRef' --filter "FSObjType eq 0" -o json | ConvertFrom-Json  
     if ($spolLibItems.Count -gt 0) {  
       ForEach ($spolLibItem in $spolLibItems) {  
         $spolLibFileRelativeUrl = $spolLibItem.FileRef  
         $spolFileName = $spolLibItem.FileLeafRef  
         $spolLibFolderRelativeUrl = $spolLibFileRelativeUrl.Substring(0, $spolLibFileRelativeUrl.lastIndexOf('/'))  
     $localDownloadFolderPath = Join-Path $localFileDownloadFolderPath $localBaseFolderName $spolLibFolderRelativeUrl  
     If (!(test-path $localDownloadFolderPath)) {  
       $message = "Target local folder $localDownloadFolderPath not exist"  
       Write-Host $message -ForegroundColor Yellow  
       New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $localDownloadFolderPath | Out-Null  
       $message = "Created target local folder at $localDownloadFolderPath"  
       Write-Host $message -ForegroundColor Green  
     else {  
       $message = "Target local folder exist at $localDownloadFolderPath"  
       Write-Host $message -ForegroundColor Blue  
     $localFilePath = Join-Path $localDownloadFolderPath $spolFileName  
     $message = "Processing SharePoint file $spolFileName"  
     Write-Host $message -ForegroundColor Green  
     m365 spo file get --webUrl $spolSiteUrl --url $spolLibFileRelativeUrl --asFile --path $localFilePath  
     $message = "Downloaded SharePoint file at $localFilePath"  
     Write-Host $message -ForegroundColor Green  
       $localFolderToSync = Join-Path $localFileDownloadFolderPath   
       az storage blob sync --account-key $azStorageAccountKey --account-name $azStorageAccountName -c $azStorageContainerName -s $localFolderToSync --only-show-errors | Out-Null  
       $message = "Syncing local folder $localFolderToSync with Azure Storage Container $azStorageContainerName is completed"  
       Write-Host $message -ForegroundColor Green  
     else {  
       Write-Host "No files in $spolDocLibTitle library" -ForegroundColor Yellow  

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  2. Jose A 1 Reputation point

    Hi @Xuyan Ding - MSFT , thanks for the reply. your recommended solution is for the newly created files, right? this flow doesn't move already existing files in SPO. how to migrate (one-off) the SharePoint Online Folders already existed in SharePoint online to Azure Blob/FileShare (Cool tier) to archive and free up the SharePoint online limited storage. please advise