Trying to delete an empty static web app either fails or is still running after 2 hours

Mark Harrison 1 Reputation point

I've been trying unsuccessfully to delete a static web app that is empty (no published code) for the last 2 hours and have tried the following methods:

  1. az staticwebapp delete
  2. Remove-AzStaticWebApp
  3. Removing the static web app from the Azure portal
  4. Removing the resource group entirely using az group delete --name
  5. Removing the resource group from the Azure portal.

Each instance either times out and fails, or is still continuing to run, for what appears to be an indefinite amount of time.

Anyone have a way to just remove the resources?

Azure Static Web Apps
Azure Static Web Apps
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  1. Mark Harrison 1 Reputation point

    Looks like it's finally deleted after multiple attempts. It really shouldnt be this hard to delete a resource though!

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  2. Grmacjon-MSFT 12,956 Reputation points

    Hi @Mark Harrison

    Usually removing the static web app via the Azure portal should work just fine. We are sorry to hear you had a difficult time deleting your static webapp. Thanks for letting us know the issue is now resolved.


  3. Paul Smith 20 Reputation points


    I am also have a delete issue for a static web app.

    Somehow I have two static web apps of the same name, one in one resource group, one in another... both resource groups have the same name too, but under different subscriptions....

    so i have

    swa123 > rg123 > sub123

    swa123 > rg123 > subabc

    This should not even be possible?!?

    I was deploying from the swa cli, for some reason it deplyed to a region i didn't want (thought it asked me last time) so i delete the RG... that cleaned up the swa and all looked good in teh world. I re deployed again through swa cli this time speciying the sub and tenant id and that went through ok.

    Now i have two copies of the rg and the swa with matching names and it appears each one is locking the other out so im unable to delete anything, not either of the swa's or either of the rg's. I would delet ethe subscription but we are using for other stuff.

    I have tried portal, az cli and swa cli too, nothing is working to delete either the swa's or the rg's (as the swa's are stuck fast)

    any ideas?



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