Azure ARC + AMA Support Path for RHEL9

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Good Afternoon Folks,

I'm hoping someone will have some insights into this for me. I'm building a roadmap to allow our company to migrate from our virtual appliance which handles on-premise Syslog collection for on-premise devices... typically firewalls. Part of the project will be replacing the base operating system CentOS7.2009 with RHEL9, in addition to replacing/upgrading the core packages we use on the appliance (Eg: LA -> ARC+ AMA). There's a bunch of other things I'll be changing on the appliance, but that's not relevant to this discussion.

One of the issues I'm running into is support. Azure ARC and AMA. Both packages have no official support for RHEL9. They also lack any support for OpenSSL 3.X, and aren't recognizing the compat library for OpenSSL v1.1.1k on RHEL9. That leaves me with 4 (current) questions:

  1. Are future ARC agents expected to be supported on RHEL9 operating systems?
  2. Similarly, are future AMA agents expected to be supported on RHEL9 operating systems?
  3. If the installation of ARC and AMA is supported for RHEL9 based OSes, does Microsoft have a timeline for the release of this support?
  4. If the installation of ARC and AMA is supported, will the support be based on an OpenSSL 3.X installation, using a compat library (compat-openssl11/OpenSSL 1.1.1k), or both?

If anyone has the answers to the above questions, that would be fantastic.


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  1. Anwar Mahmood 6 Reputation points

    According to...

    ...RHEL9 support was added from version 1.25.1.

    [that page is also out of date; when I use Azure Arc, it offers to upgrade to 1.26.1, which isn't documented]