Using authenticator to verify account on authenticator?!

Justin 1 Reputation point

I can't get this authenticator to work.

When trying to put my Microsoft account on the authenticator. It attempts to verify my account with the authenticator. How does this make any sense? Being that the screen i am suppose to enter the 4 digit code is on the authenticator app I am trying to add the account too. It is a bit nonsensical.

The final option is I send the code to my phone but it won't go through. I have seen the suggestion to use another phone number but I can't change the phone number it is sent to without using the authenticator.

This is all extremely frustrating. I just want to put my earned refunds into my PayPal.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
A Microsoft app for iOS and Android devices that enables authentication with two-factor verification, phone sign-in, and code generation.
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  1. Dillon Silzer 45,881 Reputation points
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  2. Justin 1 Reputation point

    But I have access to my account. There is no need to recover it.

    The issue is to do absolutely anything with the authenticator I must...

    1.) Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator App
    2.) Use a verification code from my mobile app
    3.) Text "------##"

    These are the three options.

    Now here is the problem

    Option 1 shouldn't even be an option for this login attempt. I am trying to add my account to the Microsoft Authenticator App. How am I going to use said app to authenticate the login attempt. Being that the app is displaying the page asking for the authentication. It is a impassable obstacle.

    Option 2 what mobile app? Every app on my phone is a mobile app. Could it be more vague. There are numerous Microsoft mobile apps. I have many on my phone. It what is this reference too.

    Option 3 which is apparently be the failsafe for the nonsense in the other two options. The Microsoft service won't send a text to my phone for some reason. It just isn't going through. The number is correct because I can see it in my account settings. Though to change it...I must use the Microsoft Authenticator.

    It is a horrible cycle of inescapable madness and Microsoft's "contact us" is nothing more than a search engine of the FAQs.

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  3. Chapman, Leslie W 21 Reputation points

    Hi Justin. I've got exactly the same problem! It's essentially a vicious circle - I try to register the account on MSA and it then asks me to authenticate it. But I can't authenticate it until I've registered it! Even uninstalling the MSA app doesn't help. Surely there must be a way to break the cycle?!

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  4. JimmySalian-2011 36,446 Reputation points

    Hi Justin, Chapman,

    This is vicious cycle of Auth App and User account going in a loop mode, you will have to contact the Azure Tenant Admin and request for resetting the MFA for the account.

    Share this link -

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