server 2019 hyper-v port trunking

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I need some guidance on how to setup hyper-v vlan ID:

  1. server 2019 with hyper-v enabled
  2. virtual switch manager - enabled virtual switch is set with enable virtual lan indentifcation for management operating system with the vlan number from the networking group
  3. VM enabled - enable virtual lan idntifcation with the same vlan number as above
  4. physical NIC does not have a IP adresses set to DHCP. There is no DHCP available
  5. VM has a IP address
  6. the network connection status is identifying....

There must be a setting I need to make since I cannot connect to the network???

any help would be great....

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  1. answered 2020-09-21T11:58:50.89+00:00
    Czech, Frank 111 Reputation points

    We were able to figure it out. We had to uncheck the IP 4 option in the NIC then it worked. This also unchecked the client for Microsoft and file and print sharing.

    thanks for everyone's input.


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  3. answered 2020-09-18T20:20:03.903+00:00
    Eric Siron 896 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    re #2: Did your network team configure the physical switch port in trunk or access mode? This will only work as you described if the physical port is in trunk mode. Otherwise, disable VLAN identification on the VM.

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