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Hi friends what situation hypersacle database is suggested over azure SQL database and mi database why we should prefer this

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Oury Ba-MSFT 17,786 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Anshal Thank you for posting your question on Microsoft Q&A and for using Azure services.

    As per my understanding you are asking in what situations hyperscale SQL database is suggested over Azure SQL MI and Azure SQL Database. Please let me know if my understanding is not correct or if you are referring to Hyperscale Citus.
    I addition to @Alberto Morillo 's answer

    1. For Migration: for example, from SQL server it’s going to depend on what you were using in SQL Server before. E.g. – do you use SQL Server instance scoped features (Database mail, service broker, ML services, SQL Server Agent, etc)? (Then SQL MI), OTHERWISE, the best place to land will likely be Azure SQL Database Hyperscale.
    2. The Hyperscale service tier is intended for all customers who require higher performance and availability, fast backup and restore, and/or fast storage and compute scalability.
    3. Hyperscale: >16TB, higher IO throughput at small VCore scale
      MI: On-Prem SQL Server migrations, and scenarios requiring features like cross-database query, replication publishing, CLR, ML Services, SQL Agent, etc. There's a wizard here: Azure SQL | Microsoft Azure
    4. Hyperscale for Database size up to 100TB
    5. Hyperscale works well for all workload types, including OLTP, Hybrid (HTAP), and Analytical (data mart) workloads.
    6. There are 3 service tiers in Azure SQL Hyperscale, Business critical and General Purpose List item

    I would also recommend yo to apply for the AMMP program, which will help you get free guidance and analysis. Azure.com/ammp

    Reference: Hyperscale service tier


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  1. Alberto Morillo 33,421 Reputation points

    Main reasons to choose Hyperscale over Azure SQL Database:

    1. Azure SQL Managed Instance General Purpose can have a maximum database size 16 TB while Hyperscale the supported limit in size is 100 TB. Azure SQL vCore and DTU-model have a maximum database size of 4 TB only.
    2. You need faster backups. On Hyperscale databases can be backed up virtually instantaneously. Azure SQL Database can take four or more hours to create a bacpac.
    3. In addition you can restore in minutes with Hyperscale instead of waiting hours for a restore on Azure SQL.
    4. Scale up/down of service tiers is faster on Hyperscale compared with Azure SQL Database.
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