Any way to poll for the status of an ongoing Azure VM Run Command running on a VM in Powershell?

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I am currently using the Invoke-AzVMRunCommand with the 'RunPowerShellScript' CommandId to execute a run command extension for executing a powershell script on an Azure VM. I'm aware that only one run command extension execution can run at a time on a given Azure VM per the documentation. For the case that we have multiple jobs running in parallel and are invoking a run command against the same target VM in each of these jobs, I was wondering if there is there any way to get or query the status of a run command that may be currently executing on the VM? This is so that we can wait for the completion of any ongoing executions before attempting to call Invoke-AzVMRunCommand again against the same VM?

I found documentation on getting the "execution status and results" for a run command given you provide a RunCommandName, however I'm not sure how to name the run command in the Invoke-AzVMRunCommand cmdlet and haven't had any luck finding further documentation online. I would greatly appreciate further guidance on how to persist the run command to the virtual machine under the resource group in Azure or how I can get the current executing run command extension on a VM by means other than the "Get-AzVMRunCommand" cmdlet.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and let me know if you require more details!

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  1. Andreas Baumgarten 103.2K Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Ryan Wong ,

    if you use Invoke-AzVMRunCommand it will be recorded in the Activity Log of the VM.
    There should be 3 events in the 'Activity Log' per RunCommand with Status Accepted, Started and Succeeded (or Failed if Invoke-AzVMRunCommand is not able to execute the RunCommand).

    You can get the ActivityLog details for the VM with this PowerShell script:

    $vm = "TestVM01"  
    $activityLog = Get-AzLog -ResourceId "$($(Get-AzVM -Name "$vm").Id)" -MaxRecord 50  
    $activityLog | Where-Object { $_.OperationName -eq "Run Command on Virtual Machine" } |  
        Sort-Object -Property SubmissionTimestamp, CorrelationId -Descending |  
            Select-Object OperationName, EventName, CorrelationId, SubmissionTimestamp, Status |  
                Format-Table -AutoSize  

    The result should look like this:

    Run Command on Virtual Machine End request    3bdf8654-38e8-449a-9a2a-2d5e4f6dcbba 30.08.2022 08:03:20 Succeeded  
    Run Command on Virtual Machine Begin request 3bdf8654-38e8-449a-9a2a-2d5e4f6dcbba 30.08.2022 08:02:28 Started  
    Run Command on Virtual Machine End request    3bdf8654-38e8-449a-9a2a-2d5e4f6dcbba 30.08.2022 08:02:28 Accepted  

    If the Succeeded line is missing but you get a Accepted and Started line the RunCommand should be still in progress. The CorrelationId is the reference ID of each RunCommand.


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    Andreas Baumgarten

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