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Mohammad Arsalan 1 Reputation point

I was trying to build mobile application using Blazor and then I came across this article it uses Xamarin and some razor page to create mobile application. My main concern is can I use it to make mobile application for production? Because in the article it uses "Experimental" term.

Also I came across Blazor hybrid that uses .NET MAUI Blazor App (Preview) package to convert existing Blazor website code into mobile application. But I cannot find this package on my Visual Studio Community 2022 version 17.2.5 so I am stuck. This issue was created and later closed

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  1. Yogi 346 Reputation points

    Microsoft is putting emphasis on .NET MAUI for building mobile app. So I suggest you to go with it. Other than that you can use Xamarin to. I don't suggest you to build with Blazor because it is a hybrid. Better you use a fully built technology like .NET MAUI.

  2. Bruce ( 54,621 Reputation points

    The mobile binding is for existing xamarin projects. As xamarin is being replaced by Maui, new project should use Maui.

    Note: you just use a webview to host a blazor app, so any mobile sdk can support blazor.

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  3. Rob Caplan - MSFT 5,407 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    I cannot find this package on my Visual Studio Community 2022 version 17.2.5 so I am stuck

    MAUI, including MAUI Blazor, is out of preview. It is a released and supported product. MAUI tooling was first generally released in Visual Studio 2022 17.3. Prior to that it was available only in the preview track. If you upgrade you should be able to add the MAUI workflow from the VS installer. MAUI tooling is still preview in VS for Mac and available only in the preview track.

    As an experimental project, Mobile Blazor Bindings is not supported on Q&A. If you have questions about it please post in its GitHub at . I believe it has been superseded by the Blazor Desktop feature for MAUI, WPF, and WinForms.

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  4. AlexChow 11 Reputation points MVP

    It can be said that it has to wait for a while to mature. MAUI still has issue for improvement in my experiments