Outlook & Onedrive lost suddenly connection with Microsoft Server.

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Suddenly the connection with Outlook 365 and also Onedrive is lost with the Microsoft server this on Windows 11 Pro . So both Microsoft applications have lost connection.

There is a purple ! mark on the outlook icon. I have changed nothing in the settings the outlook was open and suddenly no new mails came in.
When i go to Onedrive the same issue onedrive is not accessable.

I have already done a repair of Microsoft 365 not solved.

Downloaden the Rapair assistant form microsoft ( SetupProd_OutCon) to check the connection. This is always asking if this the computer with no connection. When i click YES there is a pop uw window that is going away so fast that i cannot read it.

So i am completly stuck and dont want to reinstall my windows ifd not needed.

Anyone has suggestions ? I have looked in the internet settings the TLS 1.2 and 1.3 is checked.

I didn't change any settings so the problem was there without installing any new software or done any changes.

I have tried to reconnect the Onedrive and after entering my email adres there is a error 2603 and message NO Networkconnection so i cannot enter a password this message is there just after entering the mail adres.



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Microsoft Exchange Online Management
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  1. Dca 36 Reputation points

    Is there a way to reset only the connections to the microsoft 365 server ?
    When i create a new mail profile in the non working user account this is also not working. Same for OneDrive . So it is onlt the connection to every application to 365 server that is giving issues.

    Dont know what i can try anymore . In the new user test account the outlook is working without any issues.

    So the Windows self is ok only something in the connection to 365 that is locked.


    Maybe there is something that is resetting the connection to the 365 to default but i cannot find it.

    Like i mentioned before i cannof wait and try much longer if it is not solved i will configure everything again in the new Test account.

    So if there is someone with a idea it is mostly welcome.



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  2. Dca 36 Reputation points

    Since there is no reaction on my problem i will reinstall everything on a new profile . I cannot wait any longer so reactions are no longer needed.

    Thanks to 'joyceshen-MSFT' who has given a few suggestions.

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