Core 6 Windows Forms UserControl Issues

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I am using Visual Studio Professional 2022 v. 17.3.1.

In a Core 6, Windows Forms Application, I created a UserControl. I've cleaned and recompiled my project several times, as well as checking whether the "Automatically Populate Toolbox option is set to true. I've opened and closed my solution, and rebooted my computer. The UserControl refuses to appear in the toolbox for a form in the same project.

The UserControl does have a parameterless, public constructor. What else can I possibly do? This was never an issue in older .Net Framework projects, but I'm already locked into using .Net Core.

If I can't get my control into the toolbox, is there another way to get it onto the form? I'm thought about adding it to the form's controls, but I'd like to configure it visually.

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Windows Forms
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  1. Wasserman, Lisa 1 Reputation point

    I appear to have answered my own question. Going to the Visual Studio Installer and repairing the installation seems to have corrected my issue. I recommend trying this for any toolbox-related issues that don't respond to the usual fixes.

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