I need access to an outlook.org email which does and does not exist, because all of my social media have been acidentally going there somehow?

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Back in 2020, I made an account with outlook.com, this outlook email works fine and I can log into it fine, 

However, on my social media accounts, I accidentally used an outlook.org, surprisingly that email worked, and they didn't even ask me to verify the email, so I assumed it was ok since I hadn't noticed my mistake, 

fast forward I forgot the passwords to my social media and the only email to recover them is the outlook.org one,

and so I go to look for that account in my passwords where I find the email and the password I used for it,

once I go to try to log in to outlook.org, it tells me that the email doesn't exist or at least isn't registered with Microsoft or outlook, then it gives me the option to create a new account using the email.

I follow the instructions to create a new email with the ".org" email and I enter my birthday, then the last step is to get verification, { Microsoft tells me that I need to get verification and a code from the inbox of an email that doesn't exist! An account I am literally setting up right now! How am I supposed to log into the email that it wouldn't let me log into in an account it says doesn't exist, to get a verification code, and even more confusing, 

All of my social media emails are going there, so clearly the account Microsoft says doesn't exist, exists just enough to steal my emails.

I just want access to that email address or the emails inside of it, and so I can fix this,

and to make things worse, neither the social media company nor Microsoft has someone I can Call, 

I feel like I need a living human being to help me through or do it for me. It's BEEN ALMOST 2 YEARS of me trying to figure this out on my own. basically 2 long frustrating and confusing years, especially with covid, I've been alone, without much human contact, and without my social media accounts allowing me to connect with people, 


What should I do? Or could anybody help me?

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    It seems you registerd and provided an Email Account that was not owned by you or had access to it and it was during the registration process of social media, now when you try to retreive your social media accounts you are trying to login and fix with the Outlook.org account that never was under your control?

    Now creating a same account under Outlook.org and it gives you an error to provide the code? Can you try sending a test mail to that account and check if it get's deliver succesfully and you get no Non-Delivery error mail.

    Also if you would like to contact support here is the link and contact numbers as per region


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