Creating Components in Azure ml throws an error after update, how do I resolve it?

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Hey everyone,
I was building components using YAML scripts and it worked pretty fine and everything was smooth as butter until I upgraded the az ml extension & az ml cli extension.
Mostly, reading the error responses helps, but here I am not at all able to debug or trace down into the depth to discover the cause of the issue.

Below is the snippet of the version of extensions and the errors that are popping up:

For the sake of reference, below is the snippet of yaml file of the component

Below is the snapshot of the conda file referenced in the above yaml file

And below is the python script that executes for the corresponding component

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  1. Waghbakriwala, Arif 16 Reputation points

    Hi @romungi-MSFT I had tried that as well and it didn't work.
    Here's what worked for me.
    Uninstalling certain libraries as mentioned below:

    python -m pip uninstall azure-common  
    python -m pip uninstall azure-storage  
    python -m pip uninstall azure-nspkg  
    python -m pip uninstall azure-storage-blob  

    And then installing the azure ml storage blob again

    python -m pip install azure-storage-blob  

    Not really sure what sense it makes but it worked out well, though still generating warnings

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