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So I´ve been struggeling with this error for a couple of days. I have tried (update drivers, uninstalling drivers, Windows updates, SFC rescan, reinstalling my whole OS, switching GPU, Running memtests, switching out memorysticks, reinstalling the game, running the game with no addons, loading it with addons, rolling back os to a previous point in time). But still nothing works.
The BSOD specifically occurs when I load World of warcraft and usually in a matter of seconds ingame. Last two crashes I didnt even get a bluescreen but straight to blackscreen and then reboot.

Here is a dump file from bluescreenviewer from my last crash:!Ah-5buVyvH25pGdU5R6h5qg1gJqV?e=kCbezt

Happy for any advice that I didnt allready try out.

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    It's crashing in WowVoiceProxy which is WoWs voicechat driver from what I understand. You'll need to contact Blizzard support for this. The issue, just looking at the callstack, seems to be in handling a UI message. They'll need your crash dump to look further.

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  1. Kim Strandberg 21 Reputation points

    So I came into contact with Blizz, and they replied with a automated message telling me to do all the things that I allready did. But since it was a BSOD they wouldnt even look at the log I posted. They just claim that these always occur due to bad components or software on the side of the OS and therefore they wont do any further support work.

    My fix was to rename the WowVoiceProcy.exe to WowVoiceProxy.exe.bak and then start the game from the WOW.exe in the wow folder. Now that I didnt start the game from battlenet launcher the game has been running all fine ever since.

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