What is changing "Visual Studio 2022 (v143)" in "Visual Studio 2022 v143 (not installed)" when switching from 'Debug' to"Release'?

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Just for about a week I detected when at the end of my project stepping from 'Debug' to 'Release' that in General->Platform Toolset of the properties of my project this miraculous change from "Visual Studio 2022 (v143)" in "Visual Studio 2022 v143 (not installed)" showed up. Even more miraculous is that I sent one of my students - now a professor - and - thanks to RLWA32-6355 - a working release version created on 15-8-2022! So within 15-31th of August something changed at Microsoft.
I can't grasp anything of this but I will remain curious for the rest of my life for the reason Microsoft might have been thinking all this reasonable:

  1. More people than me alone could have detected the same.
  2. Perhaps I did something completely wrong or even stupid. So give me a chance of learning.
  3. Microsoft can't be disliking or even fearing me, I never wrote nor will ever write any operating system: my skills are absolutely nothing when compared with Microsoft's skills! Besides that I will be grateful to Microsoft for supporting me so many years with their free Community Visual Studio's.
  4. So help me understanding the above mentioned change!
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Visual Studio Setup
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