Azure Service Health alerts linked to incorrect subscription

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We've created a Service Health alert in the Azure portal via "Health alerts".
The alert has been created for a subscription called "Posthuma Azure subscription". An action group has been configured to send emails to all users with Azure Contributor or Azure Owner roles.
We expected that Service Health alerts would be sent to all users with the Azure Contributor or Azure Owner role in the "Posthuma Azure subscription".
We notice, however, that only a single user gets Service Health alerts. This is the user that initially set up an Azure Free Trial in the past. Also, the Service Health emails start with "The activity log alert Service health alert Posthuma Partners was triggered for the Azure subscription Free Trial. ".
We've started receiving these emails just after the Service Health alert has been configured for the subscription "Posthuma Azure", so it does not seem related to the "Free Trial" subscription that was set up over a year ago. I also cannot find the Free Trial subscription anymore in the Azure Portal.

Why are the Service Health alerts somehow linked to this old subscription, that is no longer accessible via the Portal, even though the Service Health alert has been explicitly configured to use the subscription called "Posthuma Partners"?

Azure Role-based access control
Azure Role-based access control
An Azure service that provides fine-grained access management for Azure resources, enabling you to grant users only the rights they need to perform their jobs.
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