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Visual studio : push nuget to gitlab

Hello here.

Is there any option or extension for Visual Studio 2019 that allows to push a package through the "dotnet push" command using a nuget source ?

I'd like to push to a GitLab package repository and I don't want to push using project settings (AfterTargets="Pack") because I don't want the project to be compatible with a unique source name (other developers should have their own source name / username / password for the same repository) and sometimes, i would like to pack the project for testing purposes.

The best would be to allow to perform the "Pack" command and then to select a source instead of being limited to Azure / Docker / File system...

Thank you for your help.

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Hello, about pushing nuget to GitLab, please redirect to GitLab forum and report your issue.

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I just asked if a feature exists in VS. It's not about GitLab, it's about pushing to a nuget source configured on the user computer (in the nuget.config file) instead of options provided by VS (Azure / Docker / File system).

I can push to gitlab using the "nuget push" command using the source (nuget standard API => dotnet nuget push {nupkg_file} --source {source_name}) but not from Visual studio.

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Sorry for my misunderstanding!
I suppose no such extension.

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