How can I set multiple variables inside a KQL iff statement?

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I have an SQL statement like this:

if @stopDate is null  
  set @stopDate=dateadd(day,-1,convert(date,getdate()))  
  set @startDate=dateadd(day,1,dateadd(month,-1,@stopDate))  

How can I convert this to KQL? I can set one variable fine, but I'm not sure how to do two.

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    Hi @Tyler ,

    Thank you for posting query in Microsoft Q&A Platform.

    You can consider writing code as below in this case.

    let stopDate = iif(testBool, dateadd(...), <something else>);  
    let startDate = iif(testBool, dateadd(...), <something else>);  

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if any further queries.


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  3. User794653 0 Reputation points

    You can use one of the following:

    datatable(name:string, Category:string, Age:int)["Alice", "Reader", 30,
    												"John","Reader", 10 ,
                                                    "Bob","Author", 70
    // two values
    | extend AgeCategory = iif(Age > 18, "Adulte","Child")
    | extend HasDrivingLicense = iif(Age > 18, true, false)
    // multi set
    | extend bag = iif(Age > 18,
                            bag_pack("Independant", true, "AgeCategory", "Adulte",  "HasDrivingLicense", true),
                            bag_pack("Independant", false, "AgeCategory", "Child",  "HasDrivingLicense", false)
    | evaluate bag_unpack(bag) : (Independant:bool, AgeCategory:string, HasDrivingLicense:bool)
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