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Hi, I have a code that it gives me the minutes worked and it converts it into hours worked by every employee, I have the columns "HORA DE ENTRADA","RETARDO","HORA DE SALIDA" and it takes the value of "RETARDO" if the value of "HORA DE ENTRADA" is null, and it also match with the number of the week and only shows me those days, this is the code: 237460-code.txt

Well, what I want to do, is, as it shows me, the registers by every day of a week, for example, today number week is 35, and as I select the days Monday to Saturday, and every employe creates a new register, I want to sum the number of the hours worked every day by the same employe. For example, I work Monday to Saturday, and my hours worked are: M: 9:00:00 T: 8:57:00 W: 7:00:00 T: 9:00:00 F: 8:58:00 S: 8:56:00 the sum of that should give me: 51:51 hours worked by the week, and also I want to show me only one register, and no 6, like a resume of the week I know Im asking to much, but anyone knows how to do it? I have cero experience with SQL and searching for tutorials I didnt find anything:(

This is my table: view

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  1. CosmogHong-MSFT 22,616 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @chavarin chuy
    Try this query:

    ;with cte as  
     select *  
     from Datos.dbo.RegistroDeEntradas  
     cross apply (values (datediff(minute, cast( isnull(nullif([HORA DE ENTRADA], ''), [RETARDO]) as time), cast([HORA DE SALIDA] as time)))) M(m)   
     where DATEPART(ISO_WEEK, @YA) = NoSem  
    select EMPLEADO,ID,timefromparts(SUM(m) / 60, SUM(m) % 60, 0, 0, 0) as [hours worked]  
    from cte   
    group by EMPLEADO,ID;  

    Best regards,

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