Does Direct2D layers, device contexts, content bounds only available within Direct2D 1.1?

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I noticed in this tutorial there is ID2D1Factory1, which is strange for me as I know only ID2D1Factory, and then I realized that was Direct2D factory for version 1.1 (d2d1_1.h).

In the tutorial, I found out the CreateDevice() is only exists for ID2D1Factory1. Does features like Layers, Device Contexts, Content Bounds only exists in Direct2D version 1.1?

Also, why I need Direct3D device for creating a device-context?

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    Accoring to the Doc: D2D1CreateDevice function

    This function will also create a new ID2D1Factory1 that can be retrieved through ID2D1Resource::GetFactory.

    As far as I'm concerned, you should create a ID2D1Device object through the ID2D1Factory1 interface. The ID2D1Factory1 interface inherits from ID2D1Factory.

    In my opinion, features like Layers, Device Contexts, Content Bounds exists in ID2D1Factory1 interface.

    According to the Doc: Direct2D quickstart for Windows 8

    After you create a factory, use it to create a Direct2D device and then use the device to create a Direct2D device context. In order to create these Direct2D objects, you must have a Direct3D 11 device , a DXGI device, and a DXGI swap chain.

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