How do I make a "friendly name" of my Blazor WASM Static Web App?

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I am using the built-in authentication support using AAD for my Blazor WASM Static Web App. If I send a user an invitation, the user receives a message when logging in that "Azure Static Web App" or "Azure Identity Services" is asking for their consent. I want my app name to show up instead. How do I do this? Note that I don't have my app registered under App registrations in Azure Portal, yet I'm still able to send invitations, which makes me think the Static Web Apps functionality somehow removes the need for app registration (it may be the answer but it is not clear how to set it up for a Blazor WASM Static Web App).

Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory
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Azure Static Web Apps
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    you are using the builtin identity providers. identity providers must register their applications at login provider. the webapps default ad provider, as registered it own app ( in azure ad, and others.

    if you want a custom url you need to use a custom provider rather than the default, and register your site at the actual oauth authentication site. assuming you want to use azure ad:

    1) create azure ad account (tenant id)
    2) register you static web app at this account (client id).
    3) using the azure ad provider as the custom provider, configure the provider to use your azure ad application registration.