Logout does not clear session

Christoph Huber 116 Reputation points

We use Azure B2C with custom policies and MSAL 2.0 for javascript. When I try to logout, Azure does not clear my session. The next authentication request still returns the same ID token. This happens with Firefox, but not with Chrome. Any idea, why this browser-specific issue occurs?

Azure Active Directory External Identities
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  1. MJ Meyer 1 Reputation point

    We were getting the same issue. The only "fix" we could find is manually clearing the local storage and navigating to https://{authDomain}/{tenant}/b2c_1a_signup_signin/oauth2/v2.0/logout?post_logout_redirect_uri={redirectUrl} instead of using the library's logout method.

    Just doing the one or the other (clearing local storage or navigating to the logout url) doesn't work in FF, although it does in Chrome.

    We tried this, cause I noticed that in Chrome the logout url gets called, but it doesn't happen in FF.

    Hope this helps.