Importing sql query output in excel

AbdulWahab Khan 41 Reputation points

I have few queries writtern in different rows in excel like
In Sheet1
cell A2 - select * from dbo.dept
cell A3 -
select * from dbo.emp
select * from sa.emp
cell A4 - select * from sa.loc

now I want these queries to be fired in some test db in sql server 2017,

and the output for query should be writtern in new sheet (sheet2) like
in cell A1 - query should be there
and from cell B1 , output should get printed
The next query should get printed after the first query output. Like if the first query results ends in row - B12,
the second query output should start from row B13, and the second query in the new sheet should be displayed in cell A13
Similarly for other queries writtern in sheet1

I Dont want to use any VBA code for this.

Office version - Microsoft office Profession Plus 2016
Database Tool Version- SQL Server 2017

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  1. Olaf Helper 40,656 Reputation points

    I Dont want to use any VBA code for this.

    There is no build-in feature in MS Excel to achieve this; VBA (or a .NET app) is the only way I know.

  2. Jingyang Li 5,891 Reputation points

    You can look into Powershell or Python for solutions as well.

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  3. Ceasar Chen_MSFT 4,391 Reputation points

    Hi, @AbdulWahab Khan
    Entering sql statements in cells to query this may not be possible. The recommended approach is to enter a statement in the dialog box to query after connecting to the database.

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