typeperf - how to list Operating System version , which counter to use

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using typeperf -qx on Windows Server 2016 returns 105066 lines of usable metrics

so far our business analysis app is using perfmon as follows :

counters = % Processor Time; % User Time; % Privileged Time; Interrupts/sec; % DPC Time; % Interrupt Time; DPCs Queued/sec; DPC Rate; % Idle Time; % C1 Time; % C2 Time; % C3 Time; C1 Transitions/sec; C2 Transitions/sec; C3 Transitions/sec

counters = % Free Space; Free Megabytes; Current Disk Queue Length; % Disk Time; Avg. Disk Queue Length; % Disk Read Time; Avg. Disk Read Queue Length; % Disk Write Time; Avg. Disk Write Queue Length; Avg. Disk sec/Transfer; Avg. Disk sec/Read; Avg. Disk sec/Write; Disk Transfers/sec; Disk Reads/sec; Disk Writes/sec; Disk Bytes/sec; Disk Read Bytes/sec; Disk Write Bytes/sec; Avg. Disk Bytes/Transfer; Avg. Disk Bytes/Read; Avg. Disk Bytes/Write; % Idle Time; Split IO/Sec

counters = Page Faults/sec; Available Bytes; Committed Bytes; Commit Limit; Write Copies/sec; Transition Faults/sec; Cache Faults/sec; Demand Zero Faults/sec; Pages/sec; Pages Input/sec; Page Reads/sec; Pages Output/sec; Pool Paged Bytes; Pool Nonpaged Bytes; Page Writes/sec; Pool Paged Allocs; Pool Nonpaged Allocs; Free System Page Table Entries; Cache Bytes; Cache Bytes Peak; Pool Paged Resident Bytes; System Code Total Bytes; System Code Resident Bytes; System Driver Total Bytes; System Driver Resident Bytes; System Cache Resident Bytes; % Committed Bytes In Use; Available KBytes; Available MBytes; Transition Pages RePurposed/sec; Free & Zero Page List Bytes; Modified Page List Bytes; Standby Cache Reserve Bytes; Standby Cache Normal Priority Bytes; Standby Cache Core Bytes; Long-Term Average Standby Cache Lifetime (s)

I want to know which counter from the 105066 lines list I can use to pull the actual Operating System Version e.g. "Windows Server 2008 R2" "Windows Server 2012" "Windows Server 2016"

Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
A Microsoft server operating system that supports enterprise-level management updated to data storage.
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    Hello there,

    If you need to get the operating version of server this syntax might not be a much useful.

    The typeperf command writes performance data to the command window or to a log file. There is no official information on counters that can fetch the versions.



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