Azure ExpressRoute Premium vs Global vnet peering

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Hi Microsoft community,

Suppose I have to connect 2 on-prem locations (1 in Europe and one in the US) to 4x Azure regions via ExpressRoute - West Europe/East Europe and Korea Central/Korea South. I will consume Iaas Services in those Azure regions with PaaS on private links. No need to connect the on-prem locations between each other (ER Global reach).

What would be the best topology in this scenario - Hub-spoke or vWan?
Can I have 1 HUB vnet to serve as GW transit say in Europe, then connect both datacenters (ER circuits) to that Hub vnet, and then connect all workload vnets as spokes via vnet peering (for EU workloads) and global vnet peering (for Korea workloads)?

In terms of the ExpressRoute connectivity:

  • the US datacenter must be connected to a peering location (MSEE) in the US and an ExpressRoute circuit within any region in the US geopolitical area and Premium SKU so it can connect to that HUB vnet in EU?
  • the EU datacenter must be connected to a peering location (MSEE) in EU and an ExpressRoute circuit within any region in the EU geopolitical area and standard/Local SKU so it can connect to that HUB vnet in EU? Or do I need to use a premium circuit again?

It is a little difficult to understand how many circuits, what SKU and overall best topology in such use cases.


Azure ExpressRoute
Azure ExpressRoute
An Azure service that provides private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure, either on premises or in a colocation environment.
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  1. KapilAnanth-MSFT 34,591 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Max ,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A Platform. Thank you for reaching out & I hope you are doing well.
    I understand that you are trying to architect an ExpressRoute connectivity between your Azure and OnPrem environments.

    You can go ahead with vWAN or Hub-Spoke Architecture.
    Both can support this requirement. From Microsoft, we would recommend leveraging vWAN as it has more capabilities and less management overhead.

    However, the best approach depends on your existing architecture/services and other business requirements.

    To address your query,

    • I see you would like to use Europe VNet as Hub
    • Yes, you can create a Premium circuit in US and link this to the Europe Hub Vnet
    • And create a standard circuit in Europe to connect this to the Europe Hub Vnet.
    • This should work as expected.

    Kindly let us know if you have any follow-up questions on this.



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