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Lionel PERES 66 Reputation points

Hi there,

My observation is the following:

I create a private channel, I retrieve the channel's email, I transfer an email to it, it appears in the channel, no problem

I create a shared channel, I retrieve the channel's email, I transfer an email to it, it is refused:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
A problem occurred during the delivery of this message to the Microsoft Teams.
Try resending the message again later. If the problem continues forward this notification to your email admin for assistance.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

messageId:<PR0P264MB2028C0B8DC56326467AE645A817F9@PR0P264MB2028.FRAP264.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM>, serverRequestId: 8C414041DEB34E0796541429F176471E, clientRequestId: 27D244024C43B6E24C43C4C46C4C471C

Do you know what is going on? Can we send emails to shared channels?

Note: In both cases, the sender of the email is a member of the channel.


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  1. HarmeetSingh7172 4,811 Reputation points

    Hi @Lionel PERES

    Hope you're doing well.

    There can be many reasons for getting this error message. Please verify-

    1. If Email integration feature is enabled under Teams org-wide settings
    2. Make sure the sender’s email address is not blocked in the Teams Admin Center
    3. In advanced settings, please make sure that option that says 'allow anyone to send emails to this address' is enabled

    Alternatively, you will need to contact your IT Admin. Admin can raise a support case with Microsoft Graph, a Support Engineer will be able to assist you better.

    Please follow this link to raise support ticket- or

    Hope this helps.

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  1. SokiGuo-MSFT 22,921 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Lionel PERES
    I agree with the above. We can send an email to a shared channel.

    According to your mentioned description, we recommend that you check the relevant settings. The method of settings is as follows.

    In Teams admin center where you could confirm Email integration.


    In Teams client, you could refer to this steps. Make sure that the option to "Allow anyone to send email to this address" is enabled.


    This is in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. You could make sure the sender’s email address is not blocked.


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  2. Lionel PERES 66 Reputation points

    Hi @SokiGuo-MSFT @HarmeetSingh7172

    Thank you for your respective answers.
    I have checked everything again following your recommendations:

    • The user is not blocked (the concern is on all users)
    • Email integration in Teams administration is enabled
    • Sending is authorized to all users in the channel configuration.

    I do a lot of tests on several kinds of channels and with several users, on several Tenants and I always have the error message when I send an email to the shared channel.

    Everything works fine with a private channel or a public channel.

    Also note that sending an email from the "send in Teams" button of outlook 365 or online also works but not when you write to the email which is given in "get the email address"

    I don't really know where to look anymore.

    I am a Tenant administrator, should I send a message to support?

    Thanks for your help

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  3. Lionel PERES 66 Reputation points

    Stop, stop everything, the functionality works again!!!
    The same channels on which I had a refusal yesterday work perfectly and the new ones too
    So my message is null and void, if anyone has this problem, wait a while, maybe a temporary problem.
    Thank you very much for your responsiveness and help.

  4. Bongers, René 1 Reputation point

    We did had this issue also. I didn't found anywhere a solution.
    When you open the part to get the e-mail address. You can "Remove the e-mail address". It wasn't working so I could remove this without causing any other issues.

    When I did this. We did received a new mail address and that worked.

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