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We have a vhd image(this is our original image), and use this image to publish a marketplace image. Our customer downloads the marketplace image and wants to verify the image. We asked them to create a managed disk, and then export a vhd image according to [1]. But we found that the exported image is not the same as our original image. Is that expected? If so, could you explain why? How could we export an image from the marketplace image and keep the same as our original image? Thanks!


Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines
An Azure service that is used to provision Windows and Linux virtual machines.
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    Hello @cassiez-2786,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Microsoft Q&A platform. Happy to answer your question.

    In general, users make use of Commercial marketplace to "Create a virtual machine using your own image". To achieve Bring your image into Azure.
    Upload your VHD to an Azure Compute Gallery (formerly known as Shared Image Gallery).

    • On the Azure portal, search for Azure Compute Galleries.
    • Create or use an existing Azure Compute Gallery. We suggest you create a separate Azure Compute Gallery for images being published to the Marketplace.
    • Create or use an existing image definition.
    • Select Create a version.
    • Choose the region and image version.
    • If your VHD is not yet uploaded to Azure portal, choose Storage blobs (VHDs) as the Source, then Browse. You can create a storage account and storage container if you haven’t created one before. Upload your VHD.
    • Select Review + create. Once validation finishes, select Create.

    Next steps:
    Test your VM image to ensure it meets Azure Marketplace publishing requirements (optional).
    If you don't want to test your VM image, sign in to Partner Center and publish the Azure Compute Gallery Image.
    If you encountered difficulty creating your new Azure-based VHD, see VM FAQ for Azure Marketplace.

    As long as the above steps are followed, it should work as expected for Azure stack edge as well, as you will be connecting to azure using cloud shell/CLI as described here https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/databox-online/azure-stack-edge-gpu-create-virtual-machine-marketplace-image

    I would suggest testing it again with a smaller image.

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