Accepted answers

Microsoft Q&A enables the author of a question to accept one of the answers provided by other users as a solution for their initial inquiry. The accepted answer acknowledgement gives confidence to other community users that the person who had the problem confirmed the answer solved their problem, so it helps them to quickly identify the answer to their own problem.

To accept an answer in Q&A

To accept an answer, the question author must come back to their question and accept an answer from another user that solves their problem. Users cannot accept their own answers.

accept answers

In order to be notified when somebody provides an answer for your question, please make sure you are subscribe to receive email notifications as described in the Email notifications article.

How users can see accepted answers

This section describes the different ways all users can see accepted answers.

Accepted answer in a question thread

When you open a question thread, the accepted answer appears right after the posted question, so you can easily identify it as the one which solved the user’s problem.

verified answers question thread

Accepted answers when asking a question

When you compose a new question, a list of similar questions will be shown with information about the number of answers, votes, and whether one of the answers has been accepted.

verified answers asking a question

Accepted answers in content lists

You can also see the accepted answers in the Questions page and on any tag page.

verified answers content lists

Why only one accepted answer

Only the question author can accept an answer, the one answer which solves their problem. There might be several other answers which are helpful, and for that, the community and the author can vote to indicate to other users that the answer is also useful.

Note: The question author cannot accept their own answer. They can only accept answers by others.