Drafts on Microsoft Q&A

Microsoft Q&A includes a draft functionality that saves your in-progress thread (question, answer, or comment) every few seconds, as you work. Drafts help reduce the risk of data loss and allow you to return to continue your post later.

Q&A automatically saves a draft as you enter content into the editor for questions, answers, and comments. Under the editor, a message appears confirming that you have a draft saved and when, as shown below.

Image of the editor and a draft message underneath.


  • You need to be signed in Q&A.


  1. Drafts for editing content is not available.
  2. There is a limited number of drafts per user:
    • 1 per question
    • 1 answer per question
    • 1 comment per question
    • 1 comment per answer
  3. Q&A clears drafts after 30 days after last save and you cannot recover them beyond this point.
  4. You can remove a draft by
    1. Deleting the content from the editor when accessing the draft;
    2. Clearing browser storage; or
    3. By posting the content on Q&A.
  5. There are not drafts for content while editing it.

Access your questions drafts

  1. Go to the "Ask a question" page.
  2. A modal will appear asking you to either open the saved draft or discard the draft and begin asking a new question.

Access your answer drafts

  1. Go to the question thread where you created the answer draft. Your content will automatically populate in the editor when you return to any question thread with a saved draft.
  2. To continue the draft, just keep adding your content in the editor as usual.

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