Gain reputation points

As the name implies, Reputation points allow you to earn points based on quality contributions on Microsoft Q&A and use them as a way to show your reputation to other users.


  • You need to be signed in Q&A.
  • You need to take actions that can give you reputation points.


  • Not all actions on Microsoft Q&A grant points.
  • You can lose reputation points.

How to gain reputation points

You can earn reputation by first participating and contributing positively to the community on Microsoft Q&A. Then, as others recognize your contribution (say by somebody accepting your answer as correct), you’ll receive reputation points.

Below is a table that shows the activities we track in the recognition system and the points associated to those activities. There are many activities that award zero (0) points - those are listed to help you understand what we deem as quality contributions. Also note that not all activities in this list will appear in your profile activity feed; for instance negative actions are not listed publicly.

Activity Points earned
You received an up vote to a question, answer, or comment 5
You accepted an answer on a question you posted 20
A user accepted your answer 75
Your content gets deleted -10


Q: Is there any limit on the amount of points I can earn?

A: Yes, we have established a daily limit of 500 points a user can earn over a 24-hour period.

Q: What happens to my reputation points if the content gets deleted?

A: If content gets deleted and you earned reputation points on it, you will also lose those reputation points.

Q: Can I have negative reputation points?

A: Yes.