Search for Microsoft Q&A content

You can find questions and answers by utilizing Microsoft Learn search.

How to search for Q&A content

You can type your search term on the top-right control you will see on every page. If you are familiar with, you will realize it is the same control that is available on each of the site pages.

As you type terms, you will see autosuggestions for the term you are typing. You can either select one or press ENTER to search for the term you are typing.

On the search page, you will see that the results are automatically scoped to Q&A, so you can stay focused on that content area.

The results card shows the following information:

  • A clickable title.
  • The URL path of the question.
  • A semantic matching of the term against the question or the answer contents.
  • Whether the question has any answers. if so, how many are accepted.
  • Last time the question thread was updated.
  • Who asked the question and when.

Screenshot of the search results card.

If you want to expand the search to other content areas using the same search term, you can do that by clicking on "All" or any of the available options in the "Content area" filter area.